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A4 Size Layout

–    Rectangle 7” x 10” (portrait)
–    Rectangle 10” x 7” (landscape)
–    Other Rectangle Dimensions Length (cm/inches) X Height (cm/inches)
–    Square 7” x 7”
–    Other square sizes (please specify dimensions, max 7”)
–    Circle 7” diameter
–    Other circle diameter sizes (please specify dimensions, max 7”)
–     24 cupcake/inner oreo size circles x 1.5” (diameter)
–     20 cupcake/full oreo size/cookie circles X 1.75” (diameter)
–     20 cupcake/cookie circles X 1.8” (diameter)
–     12 cupcake/cookie circles X 2.1” (diameter)
–     12 cupcake/cookie circles X 2.25” (diameter)
–     6 cupcake/cookie circles X 3.25” (diameter)

A3 Size Layout (double size of A4)

–    Rectangle 10” x 15” (portrait)
–    Rectangle 15” x10” (landscape)
–    Other Rectangle Dimensions Length (cm/inches) X Height (cm/inches)
–    Square 10” x 10”
–    Other square sizes (please specify dimensions, max 10”)
–    Circle 10” diameter
–    Other circle diameter sizes (please specify dimensions, max 10”)

Please note that there can be up to 4 different images/pictures for 12 circles in a sheet, up to 5 different images/pictures for 20 circles in a sheet, and up to 6 for 24 circles in a sheet. If you need to add more images/pictures than what we have mentioned, there will be an additional $2 charge (subsequent sheet printed is at $10). However, if you are able to do your own editing and forward to us the file (ready to be printed), the additional charges do not apply.

  • An order of 1 A4 edible printed sheet costs $11.
  • An order of 2 or more A4 edible printed sheets will be $10 per sheet.
  • 1 A3 sheet costs $22.

(We do not charge for adding simple wordings. Above prices are excluding any delivery and editing charges)

*For cupcakes, if you want different messages on each cupcake, there will be an additional charge*

Note for cutting service

  • Pre-cut 24 cupcake/inner oreo size circles x 1.5” (diameter) – additional $2
  • Pre-cut 20 cupcake/full oreo size/cookie circles X 1.75” (diameter) – additional $2
  • Pre-cut 12 cupcake/cookie circles X 2.1” (diameter) – additional $1
  • Pre-cut 12 cupcake/cookie circles X 2.25” (diameter) – additional $1


You may place an order at our online ordering form or via email ( using the below format. For every different print design, please use a separate order instruction.

  1. layout
  2. number of sheets
  3. codes/files of the images you require to be printed
  4. whether to add wordings (and specify exact spelling of wordings to be added)
  5. Cutting service required?
  6. mode of delivery (self collect/normal post/Singpost AM Mail/courier)


Mode of delivery: Self-collect (no cost)/local postage ($1.50)/Singpost AM Mail ($2.60)/courier ($10)

For normal postage and Singpost AM Mail : Please provide the mailing address with postal code

For courier : Please provide the mailing address (including contact number and postal code) and date/time to deliver to your address


If the images to be printed are provided or taken from our gallery, simple editing (such as addition of text and greeting messages) will be done at no extra cost. Do note that an additional charge of $2 will be subjected if you want us to find a specific image for you. For special request of images, we will search and present to you 3 to 5 samples of the images for you to choose from. Once, you have chosen the image, we will add the text and greeting messages for you.


Payment will be done by POSB/DBS Bank funds transfer and more details will be given on the payment once a confirmed order has been made. Please also note that we will only commence the searching/editing of images and printing of icing sheets after payment has been received from buyer.

Local Postage (only for A4 sheets). Local Postage are non-tracking mails.

1 to 5 sheets – $1.50
6 to 10 sheets – $3.00
More than 11 sheets – $1.50 for every additional 5 sheets

Local Postage will usually take 1-5 working days to be delivered to you.

If you require a folder or bubble wrap envelope to prevent breakage of the icing sheet, additional cost will be advised accordingly.

AM Mail Postage (only for A4 sheets). AM Postage are non-tracking mails.

Description of AM Mail postage from Singpost website:

A.M. Mail is a postage-paid time-certain local delivery service that offers an earlier delivery time for urgent mail. Customers enjoy greater convenience of posting their mail in postage-paid A.M. Mail envelopes at any of SingPost’s posting boxes during the regular mail collection hours and the mail will be delivered to the recipients no later than 11am the next working day.

One Postage-paid envelope rate for Letterbox Delivery (up to 6 sheets) : S$2.90

More than 6 sheets will be placed in another AM envelope and S$2.90 applies for that envelope.

Based on our customer’s experience, AM Mails will reach them within 1 to 3 business days after posting out.

Local Postage or AM mails is your choice entirely and any damage caused in transit to your edible images is not our responsibility. In addition, we will not be responsible for any lost or delayed mails. Upon request, we will provide you a picture of your packages taken before mailing them out.

Please note that Singpost doesn’t do deliveries or collection on Weekends & Public Holidays

Courier Service

Delivery within same day with no specific timing of delivery arrival.

Please note that the courier service is provided by a non-affiliated courier company and we shall not be liable for any delays caused by them. Our responsibility ends once the courier has collected the items from us. However, we will assist to ensure that the packages are delivered to you by 10pm (same day). We will also assist to track the packages with the courier to ensure the packages’ safe arrival. If you require your images to reach you at a specific timing, additional charges by the courier company may apply and you will be advised accordingly.

Currently, we are only able to accept payment via bank funds transfer and this is also applicable for self collection . The reason for us to adopt this policy is to address the instances where there may be last minute cancellation or backing out by customers after they have been printed.

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Disclaimer :

  • All images that we use/find will be taken from public domain sources. Although we will try out utmost best not to use images which are copyrighted, we cannot guarantee that this will be case for all the images that we find from these public domain sources. shall not be liable for any infringement of copyrights law. Hence, buyers who use our service for images must agree to these terms and use them at their own risk.
  • When the images are printed out on icing image sheets, the colour may not be exactly the same as the draft or what you see on the screen. This is the case for all printing, unless it’s printed by a very high end printing press. It may be a few shades different. Most of the time the difference is so slight that it’s not obvious, but there are times when the difference in tone is obvious. This is especially important with company logos because companies are very strict on exact tone, and we cannot guarantee that.
  • The final result depends on the resolution of your picture, so please ensure that your jpeg images are clear and of high quality.
  • Sometimes tiny black “trackmarks” may be printed on the sheet. Trackmarks are caused by the tracks on the machine that prints the image on the icing sheets, and these show up periodically because the icing sheet is considerably thicker than paper. We try as much as possible to check the quality of prints before releasing to our customers. “Defects” like trackmarks and different shades or tones of colour (mentioned in the question above) are part and parcel of such printing, and are out of our control because of the specialized equipment and materials used.

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